Zassenhaus - Coffee mill Montevideo

Zassenhaus - Coffee mill Montevideo - Grinder with original quality grinder made of forged steel.


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Product number: 18756
Manufacturer: Zassenhaus
Manufacturer number: 040234
Product information "Zassenhaus - Coffee mill Montevideo"
Ground by hand, the scent of fresh coffee spreads quickly throughout the house, awakening late risers with the promise of good things to come. Newly ground beans retain a unique flavor and aroma (lost by pre-ground varieties) that enhances the enjoyment of each cup. The Montevideo model is ideal for preparing larger amounts of beans; up to
50 grams at a time. Additionally, the specially forged and hardened grinder head is fully adjustable; each pot can tailored to your personal preference. When not in use Zassenhaus coffee grinders lend a touch of vintage charm to any kitchen. For over 150 years Zassenhaus has meant quality and this beautiful beech-wood grinder is no exception. It carries a 25 year warranty, ensuring that you'll be able to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee for many years to come.
  • Material/Color: walnut/pear
  • Dimension: 18,5 x 10 x 10 cm
  • capacity bean container: 50g

Enjoyment and quality of life are more related to kitchen and cooking than everything else. This includes the preparation, too. The aroma of fresh hand ground coffee, fresh peppercorns or spicy pepper remember of the past. Zassenhaus stands in this context all times with its coffee and spice mills.

Passion and craftsmanship draw the Zassenhaus products, which impress with creative beauty, technical precision and innovation as well as sturdiness and stand for timeless elegance and aesthetics. Spices and coffee unfold through the processing of the various products of the Zassenhaus mill collection perfect their flavors.

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