Zassenhaus - Repair grinding degree for coffee grinders & grain mill

Zassenhaus - spare part grinder fixer for coffee grinders grain mill


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Product number: 33986
Manufacturer: Zassenhaus
Manufacturer number: 001204
Product information "Zassenhaus - Repair grinding degree for coffee grinders & grain mill"

If the adjusted grinding degree changes during grinding, the fixing ring has come loose and should be replaced. Typically the locking ring will break when the thumbscrew is turned too fine. The finest possible setting is achieved when you hear the sound of steel (inner cone) on steel (outer cone) when turning the crank of an empty mill. The fixing ring ensures that the set freeness remains constant.

Color white (depending on availability)or black

  • Turn the knurled screw under the crank clockwise to a very coarse setting.
  • Now unscrew the cap nut above the crank by means of a wrench size 13.
  • Fix the axle with a pair of pliers; You can unscrew the crank counterclockwise.
  • Now you can remove the plastic washer and washer.
  • Place the new fixing ring on the axle so that the two side parts fit into the recesses.
  • Now place the washer back on the axle.
  • Then screw the crank clockwise onto the axle until you feel a resistance. The crank is now firm.
  • Use the tongs again to hold the axle.
  • Finally screw the cap nut back onto the axle. The knurled screw is now fixed again.

For all Zassenhaus coffee grinders with hand crank e.g. Brasilia, Santiago ... & grain mill

Enjoyment and quality of life are more related to kitchen and cooking than everything else. This includes the preparation, too. The aroma of fresh hand ground coffee, fresh peppercorns or spicy pepper remember of the past. Zassenhaus stands in this context all times with its coffee and spice mills.

Passion and craftsmanship draw the Zassenhaus products, which impress with creative beauty, technical precision and innovation as well as sturdiness and stand for timeless elegance and aesthetics. Spices and coffee unfold through the processing of the various products of the Zassenhaus mill collection perfect their flavors.

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