Culinaris - Voucher for Knifesharpening

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Culinaris - Voucher for Knifesharpening

You can acquire a voucher which you can use to have your knives sharpened by Culinaris Kitchenaccessories / Cookfunky. Culinaris is one of the leading suppliers of Japanese cooking knives and the matching services. The sent in knives are sharpened cold by hand across whetstones - one voucher per knife - no serrated knives - no ceramic knives.

  • The ideal complement for those who have a high quality knife or who want to give it to someone as a present.
  • Trust our sharpening experts. You will be amazed by the quality and the result.

After having received the voucher please send in your knife to:

Culinaris Küchenaccessoires
Steinbachweg 8
04158 Leipzig


You have to pay for shipping when you send the knife to this address. Culinaris / Cookfunky will pay the shipping when it will be send back to you.

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